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Priority Payroll provides
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Working in partnership with our clients, our unique approach ensures they are offered a solution which saves both time and money. We are fully GDPR compliant and take the security of data very seriously.

Reasons To Outsource

High levels of accuracy

Outsourcing to a dependable, accurate back office company will free you staff up to concentrate on making your business efficient, cost effective, and more productive  

Cost Effective

We guarantee to be cheaper than your existing payroll costings , as well as being able to evaluate your accounting practices, advising on government schemes that can  save your business money and time.  

Fraud Check

By outsourcing it removes any potential internal/external fraud that could damage your staff s data security. Also, our systems are run by the industries highest standards of online protection.

Avoid penalties during tax processing

By outsourcing we absorb all liabilities for late filling, or clerical errors. Delegating will allow you to focus on building your business, and streamlining your fixed overheads.

Reaping the benefits of technology.

Using encrypted software to adjust and update staff details, providing our clients with tailored account managers that are at your disposal.  

Saving on processing time

Saving the processing time will equate to saving money, refocusing the labour so you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

Gaining from the experience of experts

Our knowledge of government incentives, the start/finish, and if your business is eligible for them, is all part of our goal. To maximize potential savings.

Staying informed with up-to-date accounting status

Our advanced software can produce individual reports as well as group/total reports to keep you abreast of your staff taxation status’.

Payroll and business support

Payroll and business support

By moving your payroll to Priority you not only benefit from reduced cost in the business, but also a significant saving over time. Our outsourced payroll services are tailored to your requirements and can include:

1. A dedicated Payroll Manager

2, Online payslips/payments

3. Payslip distribution and in depth reporting

4. System setup and testing

5. Payment notification via SMS

6. Data entry and processing

7.Personnel and document production of end of year figures

8. BACS payments

9. PAYE and associated real time information (RTI)
Employee online portal

Priority Umbrella Service gives you the benefits of PAYE

Priority Umbrella is an ideal solution designed for contractors working on a series of short to medium contracts.
Whether supervised, directed or controlled (SDC) or not, Priority has an umbrella solution to suit your needs.
Contractors will be given our comprehensive SDC assessment for each assignment by one of our registration team. On completion of the assessment the workers ability to re-claim genuine business expenses will be determined. If the contractor passes the SDC assessment they will be able to submit mileage and fixed travel and subsistence expenses for the current assignment.

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